[linux-dvb] TBS Q-Box USB 2.0 receiver

chazim chazim at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 8 03:58:10 CET 2007

 I new to the list, not quite sure how this process works.
But, I was told this would likely be the best place to find the answers 
I'm seeking.
I recently purchased a new device, a DVB-S receiver named TBS Q-BOX.

 It appears similar to the following USB receivers:
DVB world
Star Sat 2
Turbo Sight
Opera DBV S1
All of which I think use (the so called) windows DBA compliant device 

 I like to use this receiver under a Linux OS, as I'm not very happy 
with it's limitations and quality under windows.
It, as the above receivers, uses a USB 2.0 interface to communicate with 
the computer.
The chipset appears to be a Cypress Semiconductors  cy7c68013A-56pvxc.
I'm as a fairly new Linux user, (under 2 years) and not good at coding.
I have pretty good hardware knowledge, as a consumer electronics tech. 
I'm not afraid to dig into the unit, if necessary.
 At this point I note, the units power lite comes on, after booting with 
Simply Mepis 6.0, with no Satellite application running.
Which makes me wonder if the kernel's B2C2 drivers are trying to access 
the unit from boot.
Let me know what we need to start the process of adding this unit to the 
linux capable list.

thanks in advance
IMnobody  /charlie

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