[linux-dvb] No IR-remote events with new budget_ci?

Jouni jouni76 at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 11 15:13:28 CET 2007

I am using Kubuntu Edgy & Kernel 2.6.17-11-generic (AMD64/SMP).

The default driver modules from this Kernel worked quite ok for
Technotrend T-1500's IR receiver input events (the card uses budget_ci,
saa7146, tda1004x).

I updated the DVB-modules (for improved ir handling) to recent versions
from v4l-Mercurial, and now the input events stopped working. However,
all initializes without errors, no lirc stuff running, and the inputs
are available with 'lsinput'. But still not getting any events with
'evtest' from the cards ir-receiver.

Budget_ci's srcversion is 70035214582C9009995F1ED.

Any ideas?


  jouni76 at fastmail.fm

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