[linux-dvb] Re: DiB0700 firmware update (all DiBx700-devices, Nova-T 500, Nova-T Stick and others)

Robin Hill dvb at robinhill.me.uk
Mon Feb 12 14:22:39 CET 2007

On Tue Feb 06, 2007 at 11:08:34AM +0100, Patrick Boettcher wrote:

> Hi all,
> Anyone who has problems with the mentioned devices: can you please try the 
> attached test-firwmare together with the necessary patch for the latest 
> v4l-dvb from HG?
> Please report if something is improved or not. There are several things 
> inside: mainly solving small issues for Windows and adding new features.
> For me it is worth to try, but I cannot promise anything.
> Thanks for testing and reporting in advance,
> Patrick.
On my Nova-T 500s I've noticed an increase in the frequency of bus
disconnects with this firmware (twice in the two days I was running this
version as opposed to once every 3-4 weeks with the old firmware).  I
didn't notice any difference in tuning/picture quality/etc. while it was

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