[linux-dvb] Re: Medion saa7134 dvb-s-card

Chris Chris282 at gmx.net
Mon Feb 12 14:44:17 CET 2007

> > Many thanks for your endeavours,
> > H.- Georg
> > 
> DVB-S support for this card is not implemeted yet, sorry. We have support
> for the major components now, so it sould be possible to get it running with
> reasonable effort. If i have to do this, can you please contact me in few
> weeks again? I wish to solve another issue first.
> Best regards
>    Hartmut

Hi there,
I was wondering whether you or someone else had time to look into this Medion 
Hybrid-card thing. I would love to be able to use the DVB-s part of that card 
in Linux.
Maybe it's already solved and I just missed it on the mailing list? If so, 
please apologise.
Kind regards,

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