[linux-dvb] patch, which supports some new DVB-C budget cards

e9hack e9hack at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 12 23:54:28 CET 2007


it exist some new DVB-C budget cards, which are based on the KNC ONE (Terratec, Setalco) design. They are using a new
tuner with the TDA10023 as demodulator. The main work to support this chip was done by Georg Auer. He has implemented
the frontend (tda10023.c) for the ReelBox. The attached archive contains the following files:
- tda1002x.diff, diff against the current hg-tree
- tda10023.c, the frontend which should go to ./linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends
- tda1002x.h, which should replace ./linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontend/tda10021.h
- reelbox.diff, it is a diff between my tda10023.c and the one from the reelbox svn tree

The Patch changes the following things:
- Added support for the frontend TDA10023
- Added the KNC ONE DVB-C V1.0 card, which uses the alternative i2c address of 0xd
- Added the Satelco Easywatch DVB-C card with the id 1894:002c
- Added the KNC ONE Plus DVB-C card with the id 1894:0022
- Added the Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C card with the id 153b:1176
- Removed the polarity switching of the clock for the DVB-C cards in budget-av.c. This hack is no longer necessary
because the saa7146 can do the job to remove the additional FEC bytes from the TS.

I would like it, if the owners of such new cards do test the patch. The patch may also affect all cards which are
supported by the modules budget-av and budget.

- Hartmut

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