[linux-dvb] AverMedia DVB-T Volar stays always on under 2.4.20

Jiri Pittner jiri.pittner at jh-inst.cas.cz
Tue Feb 13 18:08:03 CET 2007


I am using the AverMedia DVB-T Volar USB tuner. With 2.6.18-gentoo kernel
it worked fine. Now I upgraded to 2.6.20-gentoo and the firmware file
dvb-usb-dib0700-01.fw was newly needed to run it. 

I would like to report what I consider a bug - the device stays permanently 
ON - the blue LED is always ON, which is a bit disturbing and the device
becomes pretty hot after a while. With the previous kernel, it was normally OFF, the
LED went ON only while using mplayer dvb://... and after finishing mplayer
it went OFF again, which I think is the proper behavior.
Am I doing something wrong in the kernel configurations?
In the case it is a (firmware?) bug, I hope it is not too difficult to fix it.

Best regards,

Jiri Pittner

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