[linux-dvb] Fw: Kernel panic with ifconfig down, Please help

daniarnedo daniarnedo at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 14 09:23:27 CET 2007

Good afternoon:

You may remember me, I had a Kernel Panic in a 2.4 smp kernel while trying to stop dvbx_y. We had the following hints from the list:


> Rev 1.62 of dvb_net.c contains a fix which might solve your problem:

> 'Fix locking to prevent Oops on SMP systems when starting/stopping

> dvb network interfaces.'


I have already applied this patch and some others I've seen that could be related with our problem. Now we are able to do ifconfig down dvb0_? (when we tried to do before, it produced a kernel panic). However, now we cannot do a rmmod of the driver.


The modules we are using are: skystar2.o, stv0299.o and dvb_core.o.


If we load the driver and create some interfaces dvb0_? And then we stop them we cannot unload the driver any more. The reason is that when we do a lsmod, the module skystar2 is used by the kernel. The count shows 4.


If anybody have any idea of the reason of the problem, please tell us.


Below are the changes I have done starting from the version 1.1.1. I also tried to do the same with the CVS version linux_2_4, with no success.


TAHNK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!! I hope at the end, other people using a 2.4 Kernel like us due to other programs can benefit.


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