[linux-dvb] [PATCH] MSI Megasky 580 GL861 i2c timeout fix (Antti Palosaari)

gingis at gmx.de gingis at gmx.de
Wed Feb 14 16:11:08 CET 2007

Fix works great man! I commented the lines out provided by Jonas Larsson and added yours.
Now I can even switch channels faster then before (seems like the do while took to much time).
And it's even easier to fix the gl861 module (cause you just need to add 1 line).
Don't know if you have to change udelay value depending on system speed.

for comparison here my system specs:
Board: MSI K8t Neo Fis2R
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3,2GHz (running @ 2GHz)

Great work! Best regards, pferdone

>attached patch adds a little delay before usb-control message sending to 
>avoid i2c timeouts (unwanted message log errors) seen many people.
>Looks like gl861 usb-controller messes up and stops responding if i2c 
>messages are send too fast. This happens especially with faster 
>computers. First I tried to change usb_control_msg timeout from 2000 to 
>4000 but it didn't help.
>This bug is mentioned (at least) following mails:

>Jonas Larsson and gingis could you test and report if it works. If still 
>timeouts after the patch then try to add more delay [udelay(10)].
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