[linux-dvb] Re: RFC: MPEG encoding and decoding V4L2 API additions

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Fri Feb 16 14:57:06 CET 2007

Mauro Carvalho Chehab writes:
 > > manufactured by a plethora of vendors (Technotrend, Hauppauge, Galaxis
 > > and many others ) making it  very popular. These cards are popularly
 > > knowns as the AV7110 based Full Fledged (FF) cards.
 > If the mpeg implementation on DVB API is generic enough to work with 
 > non-av7110 hardware, we should use those ioctls for ivtv. Otherwise, we 
 > should work in a way that won't result on userspace breakage when adding 
 > newer stuff to the ioctl. In the latter case, as on DVB, there are no 
 > reserved space on current structs for API additions, such change will 
 > likely result on defining a newer ioctl number with the old struct fields 
 > (or a more generic approach) plus the new required ones.
 > > I think some newer devices also will be based on this API, the
 > > Decypher [1] H.264 decoders from Micronas. Still work is going on with
 > > that device, AFAIK.
 > We should analyse the requirements of those devices and if the API 
 > provides enough support. Is there anybody already working on such 
 > hardware?

And there will also be open drivers.

Hans Verkuil already contacted me. I still owe him a detailed review
of the API proposal (sorry Hans, a little bit swamped right now).

Right now the DVB API suffices for me. I only added some decoding
types like H264 and VC1.
But you are right, not many applications use this. The main one would
be VDR. But VDR will have to be changed anyway for H264 support.
So, for the new hardware one could do some major changes, add
reserved spaces, etc.


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