[linux-dvb] Re: Kernel panic with ifconfig down, Please help

daniarnedo daniarnedo at yahoo.es
Fri Feb 16 15:25:30 CET 2007


About my problem with the kernel oops when doing ifconfig down, I have been 
doing some more modifications and now:

1-If I apply the patch for smp systems to last version in CVS for kernel 

I can stop dvb?_? interfaces, the lsmod returns that skystar2 stv0299 and 
dvbcore are unused, and then I can remove the driver perfectly. However, 
some times (very frequently), when I do insmod again and create again dvb?_? 
intefaces with ifconfig dvb0_0 ip .., I get a Panic.
It is strange, I get the panic, but before I receive correct value for 
dvbtune -i (looking for trasponder EUMETCASt)
What can provoke a kernel panic when starting DVB interfaces? any idea?

2- If I apply the patch to last version 1.1.1 then:

The systems seems not to have a Kernel Panic, but, when I do ifconfig down, 
the lsmod says the skystar module is being used by 4, so I can never do 
"insmod.sh unload".


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