[linux-dvb] DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Sat Feb 17 02:53:08 CET 2007

Julian wrote:
> AFAIK Theres alot of people with working dvico cards (zl10353) in .au

No, most of the DViCO Dual Digital and Dual Digital2 cards have the mt352 used
as the demodulator.  In newer revisions of those cards, the mt352 was replaced 
by a zl10353.  Users with the zl10353-based cards have posted many complaints
on this mailing list.

The Dual Digital 4 cards are only made with the zl10353.

> Chris Pascoe has been working on this chip aswell i wonder what his progress 
> is? Should i try out his test tree?

No, Chris is not working on the Dual Digital4 -- He wrote the zl10353 driver, 
and he lives in AU.  I don't know if he lives in or close to Melbourne, however.

Chris' test tree doesn't have support for the Dual Digital4, and I dont think my
patch will apply against his old testing tree, but you are welcome to try it.

Please let us know how things turn out.  I dont think it will help, as I have
looked through his code and nothing applies to the problem at hand.

> Maybe dvico can help out with this too.

DViCO has been very helpful in the development of the bluebird driver, but there
is nothing that we can ask DViCO to help us with in this case.  The problem is 
in relation to the zl10353 demodulator driver, and they are not at liberty
to share any information of that ic.

Chris reverse-engineered the zl10353 driver.  If somebody can get a spec and try
to figure out what the Linux driver is lacking, that is the only way that we can
resolve this issue.

The device-specific code of the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 driver is completely
correct -- this problem is specifically localized to AU, perhaps even just
Melbourne (although I have doubts about that).  We need somebody to analyze the
zl10353 behavior and take it from there.

I am quite sure that any other device with a zl10353 will produce the same
problematic behavior when used in this area.

> On Saturday 17 February 2007 05:27, Michael Krufky wrote:
>> It would be nice to hear if there are _any_ linux users with a
>> zl10353-based device working in au-Melbourne.
> It is working elsewhere in australia?

I don't know.  When drivers are released for testing, one normally doesn't hear
about the success reports.  Users don't usually send emails saying "the driver
works" -- they just assume that everybody already knows.

To clarify, from all of my testers, I have _only_ heard about problems from
users in Melbourne.  I do not know if anybody has tested the driver elsewhere
in AU.  If somebody reading this has, then please speak up.

Peter D. wrote:
> There are three possibilities that spring to mind.  
> One, DViCO produced a small batch of defective hardware that just happened 
> to land in Melbourne.  (Does it work under Windows?)

It works under windows -- it is not bad hardware.  I have analyzed the windows
traffic, and the zl10353 init code is significantly different from that in the
linux zl10353 driver.  I have tried a few different things this week, but so
far haven't had any success.  I also must mention, that I haven't had enough
time this week to work on it... Perhaps I will find a solution in a few days,
but I can't say for sure.

> Two, there is something very odd about Melbourne transmissions.  The 
> Australian government has a long history of "improving" international 
> television standards.  For example, most countries did not have channels 0, 
> 5A and 13.  Channel numbers below 7 have been discouraged for a many years 
> now, but they recently moved one of the standard channels slightly to make 
> room for and extra one - 9A, I think.  But if the government was the cause 
> of the problem then it should be Nation wide rather than Melbourne only.  

All I know is that people in Melbourne are having trouble -- I havent heard
from anybody else in AU.  One of my testers has the Dual Digital 1 card, which
uses an mt352 demod -- this one is working just fine.  (He has it in the same
box with the Dual Digital 4)

> Three, the initial configuration file is sufficiently wrong that the DViCO 
> can't cope with it.  I have recently seen my Kworld card work well, while 
> my MSI card refused channel 7 until some of the settings were adjusted.  

Maybe, but I doubt it.  I have tried adding / subtracting various offsets, to
no avail.

> Unfortunately I don't know where to find authoritative information about 
> what is "standard" here, or what is actually used.


I will post something if the situation changes.


Michael Krufky

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