[linux-dvb] Mantis driver: making cu1216.ko work for me

Marko Ristola marko.ristola at kolumbus.fi
Mon Feb 19 21:53:44 CET 2007


Is there a way that how my patches could be applied into the Mantis 
development tree?
Is there some way that they could be delivered into the main Linux 
development tree some day?

Of course, I need to supply small patches.

I've noticed on this list that you use cu1216 also.
It would be good, if both my card and yours would work with the same 
Maybe there are other cu1216 cards or use cases out there?
Maybe it would be good to identify the differing devices somehow to be 
able to distinguish them?

Some needed changes:

mantis_dma.c: DMA START/STOP: MANTIS_GPIF_ADDR: don't turn 0x3000 (or 
something) flag off or
                         FE_LOCK status reading fails.
mantis_dma.c: dvb_dmx_swfilter_204 / dvb_dmx_swfilter selection issue:
                         I need dvb_dmx_swfilter_204() urgently. How the 
selection could be
                         handled in the driver without every user 
patching the kernel?
                         A module parameter? some other way?

cu1216.c: I needed some working heuristics to be able to get FE_LOCK. 
The current Mantis implementation
doesn't work for me.

My solution was to simplify cu1216.c so that it works with
dvb_core.c's own lock acquiring heuristics.
- dvb_core.c has the responsibility to figure out correct inversion.
- dvb_core.c has the responsibility to figure out when it has a lock.
- cu1216.c, parameter setting function must figure out the best gain.
- cu1216.c informs dvb_core.c to wait minimum of 50ms for FE_LOCK to 
come up (settings->min_delay_ms).

Marko Ristola

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