[linux-dvb] can anyone reply

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Tue Feb 20 05:59:04 CET 2007

timecop wrote:
> they do.
> just nobody wants to help you.
> typical open source attitude.
> -t
> On 2/20/07, barny rabbit <ptay1685 at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
>> Can someone, anyone, reply to this dummy message to reassure me that my
>> emails actually appear on this list. None have been answered in the
>> past.
>> Thanks,
>> Phil T.

Phil, just be patient and keep trying.  I know its frustrating, but what
can you do? --- The sad reality is that there are precious few
developers around here and most, if not all, provide assistance on their
free time ... which then cuts into development time...which is also done
on free time.   

Maybe no one, including run-of-the-mill general users, knows or has an
answer to your questions.  Perhaps those who do know the answer, are
busy with other projects and real life, or aren't reading the list

The activity/participation, levels on the v4l and dvb lists have dropped
a fair amount, from my perspective, in the recent months ... so please
don't think that you're the only one whose messages have gone unanswered
( there have been many!).

As an alternative, you can also try posting your questions on various
user forums to try to maximize your return.

I have no idea what the source of timecop's resentment is, but it
certainly sounds misplaced.

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