[linux-dvb] Problem on SAA7134 Asustek (Tiger or Jayhawk components : 1043:4871) : HELP !

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Tue Feb 20 23:51:23 CET 2007

Hi, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Quémener schrieb:
> Emmanuel Quémener a écrit :
>> Hartmut Hackmann a écrit :
>>> I noticed 2 things:
>>>> tuner 2-004b: AGC2 gain is: 10
>>> This means maximum gain. With active LNA, i would expect lower
>>> values...
>>> second: The reason for the tumbling channel decoder might be a
>>> not closed AGC loop.
>>> But if DVB-T works after analog was on once with tuner_config 3,
>>> this leads me to this:
>>> Analog - digital mode switch might be GPIO22 like it is with some
>>> ADS / Lifeview cards. Did you ever try card=87?
>>> But this would cause trouble with the LNA since in the Philips
>>> solutions, GPIO22 always is involved.
>>> Are you sure the board has a LNA? In the philips designs, it sits
>>> under the tuner shield and looks like a SMD voltage regulator.
>>> If there is a LNA, the board seems to have a mode switch we haven't
>>> seen yet. Except - did you try to invert tda1004x GPIO1, so
>>> 	.gpio_config   = TDA10046_GP00_I,
>>> instead
>>> 	.gpio_config   = TDA10046_GP01_I,
>>> Maybe this helps
>>>   Hartmut
>> I will do it this evening.
>> So, if I sum up, there are 2 tests to perform :
>> - #1 : try to change board from 109 to 87 : in this case, must I get an
>> clean archive or do I keep some changes to tuner_config reference ?
>> - #2 : try to change GPIO config reference : in this case, same as
>> before : clean archive or modified one on tuner_config reference ?
>> Bye
>> EQ
>> Is it necessary to keep tuner_config=3 to definitions or must I get a
>> not modified archive to try to change my board from 109 to 87 and change
>> only GPIO config
> Sorry, but I didn't take the time in the past 2 weeks to experiment the
> tests you'd like.
> I try on last sunday to compile a new kernel (the last one : 2.6.20)
> with a blank repository on v4l-dvb archive and make the changes on it :
> it sucks !!!
> - the new kernel 2.6.20 does not recognized my board
> - when I try to compile new repository and install the modules, the
> saa7134 module doesn't want to load
> - when I search in files saa7134-dvb.c and saa-7134-cards.c the
> references to tuner_config, It was impossible to find them
> So, my questions :
> - how is it possible for me to compile last kernel 2.6.20 with third
> party v4l-dvb archives ?
> - when can I get this 2.6.20 working archives ?
> - what modifications can I perform to test and make working my board
> (1043:4871 reference)...
Please use my personal repository for the tests. It is at:
It does compile on kernel 2.6.20, i have it running here.
Just to be sure:
- if you compiled for another kernel before, you need to
  delete the file v4l/.version
- don't try to merge the files into the kernel, compile them separately
  with make, make install (for the install, you need to be root
- never mix modules with older versions.
- afik, you need to enable the v4l and dvb stuff in the kernel tree.

Looks like you missed a mail from me, i will just paste it here:

I had a look at the eeprom dump again: The card should be a copy of the Tiger-S
reference design without radio. So please try this:
Get a copy of my personal repository, compile and install. Then do:
  modprobe saa7134 card=109 secam=l
  modprobe saa7134-alsa
  modprobe saa7134-dvb
This should do it as long as there are not tricks with the windows driver.

You sould no longer need to load the saa7134-alsa and saa7134-dvb modules

Good luck

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