[linux-dvb] digitv tuner patch

Phil Taylor ptay1685 at bigpond.net.au
Thu Feb 22 00:44:18 CET 2007

A few weeks ago you made the following response re a problem with the usb DigiTV tuner, as noted below.
I have just installed a recent distro using the 2.6.20 kernel, and the problem still persists. Can you give me any idea when these patched will be included in a release kernel?

Many thanks,

Phil Taylor.

  1.. > Hello,
  2.. > 
  3.. > I had my digitv up and running fine in Fedora core 5 (using a 2.6.17 kernel). I
  4.. > recently upgraded to fedora core 6 (2.6.18) and since doing this my device has
  5.. > stopped working properly. Initialisation etc appears fine but the device will not
  6.. > tune. Tuning process itself seems ok. No access errors or anything like that
  7.. > however the signal strength is zero all the way. The device is fine (still works
  8.. > in windows). I checked out the latest mercurial and it didn't help. Any help
  9.. > would be appreciated.
  10.. > Mine is the older Nxt6000 demodulator not the zarlink one.
  11.. Edit nxt6000.c
  12.. Go to ~line 467 and add this line:
  13.. if (fe->ops.tuner_ops.set_params) {
  14.. + if (fe->ops.i2c_gate_ctrl) fe->ops.i2c_gate_ctrl(fe, 1);
  15.. fe->ops.tuner_ops.set_params(fe, param);
  16.. if (fe->ops.i2c_gate_ctrl) fe->ops.i2c_gate_ctrl(fe, 0);
  17.. }
  19.. Thanks to Alex Woods for fixing this... This will be merged into the master repository soon.
  20.. ( i will also see to it that the -stable kernels get updated with this patch )
  21.. Good Luck,
  22.. Mike Krufky
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