[linux-dvb] msi digivox mini ii

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org
Thu Feb 22 22:11:39 CET 2007

Hi list,

I am owner of a "MSI DIGIVOX mini-II". I got it to work using the
attached patch and firmware. The patch and firmware are the result of
analyzing some usb logs from windows.

The patch breaks all users of tda10046, as i don't understand how that
chip is supposed to work. The same goes for my driver implementation of
the Philips 8275a.

So this mess needs to be fixed before it can go into the repository.

The patch is against a fresh hg checkout from
http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb at 2007-02-22 21:00 UTC.

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