[linux-dvb] patch, which supports some new DVB-C budget cards

Janne Grunau janne-dvb at grunau.be
Fri Feb 23 17:26:20 CET 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 21:54:49 Janne Grunau wrote:
> > I would like it, if the owners of such new cards do test the patch.
> > The patch may also affect all cards which are supported by the
> > modules budget-av and budget.
> The patched hg version works with following two cards:
> saa7146: found saa7146 @ mem ffffc20000058000 (revision 1, irq 17)
> (0x1894,0x0020). DVB: registering new adapter (KNC1 DVB-C).
> TDA10021: i2c-addr = 0x0d, id = 0x7c

This card stops delivering data as soon as a CAM is inserted. 
gnutv -cammenu works fine though.

> saa7146: found saa7146 @ mem ffffc20000078000 (revision 1, irq 19)
> (0x153b,0x1156). DVB: registering new adapter (Terratec Cinergy 1200
> DVB-C).
> TDA10021: i2c-addr = 0x0c, id = 0x7c

My Cinergy works flawlessly with the same CI and CAM.


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