[linux-dvb] Need firmware for M9206

Nick Andrew nick-linuxtv at nick-andrew.net
Sat Feb 24 12:20:16 CET 2007

I'm new to DVB. I just bought a "DigitalNow Dual USB DVB-T" which
is the same as "LifeView TV Walker Twin DVB-T". Unfortunately I
didn't do enough homework before buying it; after receiving it I
discovered that it doesn't work in linux!  D'oh!

Vendor page:

The device identifies itself as:

Bus 001 Device 009: ID 10fd:0514 Anubis Electronics, Ltd

I opened it up. Remove the two rubber strip feet (stuck on); the
case is held together with 4 screws. After unscrewing, the case
is tricky to separate: the front and back panels are sticky, and
the bottom of the case has tabs at the front and back which click
into the top of the case. Probably best to completely remove the
back panel before separating the top and bottom. Anyway, I got it
apart without breaking it.

The chips inside it are:

   ULi M9206 revision A1
   8275AC1  (apparently a TDA8275A)

Looking through your HG repository I found:


These modules presumably contain, in total, the code which I need.
But how to put it all together? m920x.c seems to be the key.

I modified that to recognise the device (10fd:0514). Now it's trying
to load firmware. I have various firmware from the "get_dvb_firmware"
command but it doesn't seem right; the file contents don't match
what the code is looking for: 3 x 16 bit unsigned ints containing
'value', then 'index', then 'size', then 'size' bytes of data down
to the device. The files I have don't look anything like that.

Can somebody help me with firmware please?

After the firmware is successfully loaded, I assume I have to change
these lines:

                .frontend_attach  = megasky_mt352_frontend_attach,
                .tuner_attach     = megasky_qt1010_tuner_attach,

to link the driver with tda1004x and tda8290, and then maybe my TV
will work.

Also, I don't know how to do this, but it seems that the m920x.c code
should be split into two files, one for the M9206 driver and one for
the megasky device (and one for the "LifeView TV Walker Twin DVB-T"
if I can ever make it work).

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