[linux-dvb] Re: Nova-T 500 (dvb_usb_dib0700) usb disconnects

Antti P Miettinen ananaza at iki.fi
Sat Feb 24 18:58:43 CET 2007

Antti P Miettinen <ananaza at iki.fi> writes:
>   http://brigitte.dna.fi/~apm/usblog.txt.gz
> It's 58M so it will take a bit too long to download that via my 1280K
> link. I'll try to strip irrelevant stuff as soon as I have some
> time. Our kids just returned from a trip and the youngest one seems to
> have a lot to tell me.. :-)

OK.. tell me if there is something wrong in the following reasoning:

- logging stopped at 2007-02-24 15:18:22
- USB disconnect is at Feb 24 14:23:53
- Diff from USB disconnect to logging stop is 3269.0304 seconds
- Log ends at timestamp 2245232855 (microseconds)
- So disconnect should be at timestamp -1023797545, i.e. at 3271169751
  before the last timestamp overflow in the log

The part of the log that should contain the disconnect (according to
above reasoning) is at


it should start about minute before and stop about a minute after the


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