[linux-dvb] Working DVB-S + CAM question

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Sat Feb 24 21:46:39 CET 2007

Nick Tannenberg <nick at homefiber.org> writes:

>> Aston dual CAM (Viacess and others) can decrypt 2 channels at a time
>> (provided the CI stack on Linux side can provide correct informations).
> Well, did the stack support it? Has anybody tested it?

I've just tested this with vdr (where the EN50221 stack is
implemented) and Aston dual viaccess CAM , and it works fine. I able
top record a stream while watching another (on the same transponder)

Note that this feature will depend on the DVB application you're using
and on how the stack is implemented.


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