[linux-dvb] Working DVB-S + CAM question

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Sat Feb 24 22:16:52 CET 2007

manu <eallaud at yahoo.fr> writes:

>> Aston dual CAM (Viacess and others) can decrypt 2 channels at a time
>> (provided the CI stack on Linux side can provide correct
>> informations).
> And does the linux CI stack provide this?

There's the rub. There's no such thing as "the linux CI stack".

Each dvb application provides its own CI (EN50221) stack.

Vdr has one, kaffeine also and probably other applications.

To make the issue more complex, there's 2 ways to implement the CI
stack, depending on the DVB card.

For low level CI API, i.e. Hauppauge TT cards), the CI stack is ~90%
implemented in software in the DVB application.

For high level CI (i.e Twinhan and clones), the stack is half
implemented in firmare (i.e. bugs can't be fixed) and half in software
in the application. AFAIK, vdr can't handle high-level CI API.

For more information, see:


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