[linux-dvb] saa7134

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Sun Feb 25 00:35:29 CET 2007


peppercorn at netspace.net.au schrieb:
> Attn Hartmut
> Hm, did you really mean this? 
> *********No I meant that they are modules Sorry
> 1) You should not try to merge code from linuxtv.org into the kernel source
>    tree. You should compile it separately (but you need installed kernel sources
>    and you need to have v4l2 enabled in the kernel).
> 2) You should compile the video and dvb code as modules. Don't compile them into
>    the kernel.
>> Now, on startup I can get analogue tv working in Xawtv IF I DON'T load
>> the modules saa7134 or saa7134-dvb. After I load the modules I cannot
>> get any program, Tvtime, xawtv, kaffeine or mplayer to find any channels.
> Hm, the card can't work at all without the saa7134 driver...
> Unless you really compiled the stuff into the kernel -> see above.
> ********** So the saa7134 module MUST be loaded on startup YES?
> If so, why does it stop working when I modprobe saa7134-dvb??????
Yes, the module saa7134 must be loaded, otherwise you won't even have a video
device. But they don't need to be loaded at boot time, you can load and unload
them whenever you like, as long as no application accesses the devices.
Did you try to load the sa7134-dvb module while a tv application is
running? With some cards the is dangerous because it can cause a collision
on a cards internal bus. This can crash the card (only the card) so badly, that
you need a power cycle to get it up again.

> And I am never able to get digital stations in Linux although I can in WinXP?
> Just meaning that the stations are available
>> My hope is to be able to get Digital video stations showing in Mythtv.
>> BUT I hav'nt installed Mythtv yet as I don't want to commit myself to
>> that weekend of work until I can be assured that I can get the stations
>> working.
>> Can someone help me please???? I am not a newbie, but I am far from an
>> expert either. I am happy to install any program or do anything that you
>> ask of me.
> The card should work with recent kernels, i have a very similar one.
> But besides the module issue, there are 2 pitfalls:
> - For a technical reason, you must not load the tuner module before
>   the saa7134 module.
> - There was a bug in some versions that made dvb-t support fail. This
>   is fixed in the current repository (and also in 2.6.20)
> **************** Should I install a 2.6.20 kernel then???

I think you don't.
Please get a snapshot from http://www.linuxtv.org
This gives yo a recent driver.
After you unpacked the snapshot, do a
make, make install, make rmmod
to be sure, do also a
rmmod tda9887
then do
modprobe saa7134
for most of the commands, you need to be root.

> Thanks for your help Hartmut!
> After you corrected these things and it still doesn't work, you need
> to provide more information. Please send us the kernel log messages
> caused by the "modprobe"
If you need further help, don't forget to attach the relevant section
of the kernel log (either dmesg or the relevant part of /var/log/messages)


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