[linux-dvb] Terratec Cinergy T USB XE

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sun Feb 25 12:40:28 CET 2007

En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
> En/na Dietmar Segbert ha escrit:
>> dvb-usb: did not find the firmware file. (af9005.fw) Please see 
>> linux/Documentation/dvb/ for more details on firmware-problems. (-2)
>> dvb_usb_af9005: probe of 4-2:1.0 failed with error -2
>> I use slackware 10.2 and so the firmware file af9005.fw is in /lib/
>> firmware/.
> I suppose that you have to configure your hotplug so that it finds the 
> firmware and sends it to the kernel.
> Sorry, I cannot help you here since "it just works(tm)" here.
> I can say that in my system where to look for the firmware and how to 
> react to kernel requests is configured in /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent
>> I will be happy for any help, especially for an how-to to create the
>> af9005-driver for an 2.4.34 kernel, that i am normally use.
> I think that'll be difficult :-(

BTW, arcor.de refuses my mail, so I won't comment any further until they 
fix their mailserver. Surry, I'm tired of incompetent mail admins that 
just rely on stupid blacklists maintained by anti-spam vigilantes (that 
only amplify the problem, i.e. rendering communication difficult, 
instead of solving it) instead of intelligently dealing with spam.
I know it's not your fault, but be warned that, due to the incompetent 
mail admins of the isp you're using, you're surely losing legitimate email.
Note also that if you try to contact me directly you won't be able to, 
since a while ago I took the decision to only accept mail I can answer 
to (i.e. I verify that the sender address accepts my mail before 
accepting an incoming message).



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