[linux-dvb] Glitches in audio and video when recording from BTTV Twinhan VP-1025

Tim Hewett tghewett1 at onetel.com
Sun Feb 25 15:13:58 CET 2007

I have a Twinhan VP-1025 PCI card (BTTV). It tunes fine and records  
ok except that every few minutes the recording has glitches which  
disrupt the audio and video at irregular intervals. The Twinhan card  
works fine using Twinhan's windows software and the same feed as when  
used from Linux, so it seems to be a pure Linux issue. The drivers  
load and detect the card without any errors.

I've tried running the latest drivers (extracted using Mercuurial and  
rebuilt and re-tested just before sending this message) with kernel  
2.6.20, but the problem still happens.

Can anyone help?

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