[linux-dvb] dvbstream pat pmt dosen't work, wrong dvbstream version?

Ali H.M. Hoseini alihmh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 09:49:32 CET 2007


After searching internet (and also a clue reply from this list), I found
that I should add pat and pmt pids to dvbstream output to work with
videolan (vlc).

I found pmt pid from scan utility output, and added 0 for pat pid, as I
found in instructions.

but when I run dvbstream, it says that it streams just 3 streams
(opposed 4, that I think it should do, pat, pmt, video, audio), and I
could not play output with vlc.

the questions are:
1: is the pmt_pid in output of scan utility is correct?
2: is my dvbstream version is correct? in the helps I found from
internet, there was -net option for dvbstream, but my version uses -i
and -r for network settings, and there is no -net option.
3: how many streams should dvbstream reports in streaming for vlc.
should it report "streaming 4 streams" when I have pat pmt video audio
pids, or reporting "streaming 3 streams" is correct?

Thanks a lot.

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