[linux-dvb] szap vs dvbtune

daniarnedo daniarnedo at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 26 18:26:16 CET 2007

Anyone knows a reason for szap being not as stable as dvbtune when using a 
DVB-S card for data reception?
dvbtune is giving me an oops if I unload the driver and szap never does, 
however, dvbtune allows lot of days of data reception without any un-lock 
while szap (and dvbnet) unlocks each 2 or three hours.
szap commands:
$DVBHOME/szap -c $DVBHOME/channels.conf -n 1 > /dev/null &
sleep 15
$DVBHOME/dvbnet -p 100 && $DVBHOME/dvbnet -p 300 && $DVBHOME/dvbnet -p 301 
&& $DVBHOME/dvbnet -p 500 (this are my pids for meteosat)

Works fine for some hours, but then I need to stop feeds and reload the 
driver to re-lock the skystar2 again.
dvbtune commands:

$DVBHOME/dvbtune -c 0 -f 10853440 - p H -s 27500 -n 100  >/dev/null 2>&1
$DVBHOME/dvbtune -c 0 -f 10853440 - p H -s 27500 -n 300  >/dev/null 2>&1
$DVBHOME/dvbtune -c 0 -f 10853440 - p H -s 27500 -n 301  >/dev/null 2>&1
$DVBHOME/dvbtune -c 0 -f 10853440 - p H -s 27500 -n 500  >/dev/null 2>&1

If I try to stop feeds, I might get an oops, but works for weeks without any 

I always load the driver with only this modules:

        # DVB core
        insmod ./dvb-core.o dvb_shutdown_timeout=0
        # frontend drivers
        insmod ./stv0299.o
        # technisat skystar2
        insmod ./skystar2.o

Plz any Idea or existing patch I have not found in the CVS would allow me 
updating from dvbtune to szap.


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