[linux-dvb] CAM bonded to subscription card with DVB-C

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Tue Feb 27 23:41:40 CET 2007

Hi don't thing this has been covered recently (if it has sorry)

My Cable co (StarHub Singapore) uses NagraVision Cards and CAMs which I 
know get bonded together in the Set Top Box at first boot, I have a 
spare card (never booted) as my package comes with 2 STBs is there a 
DVB-C card + CAM combo that can support this setup including grabbing 
the periodic key updates automatically?

My grueling research 8 months ago suggested not and a few searches just 
now don't show any change but, I wondered if things had moved on and my 
poor 5am search skills failed to show it?

I'm not trying to do anything clever or dodgey, I don't want to watch 
any channels I haven't payed for, I'm just getting cheesed off with the 
quality and CPU time involved in capping everything off composite

Thanks for any help, keep up the good work DVB devs

PS: if it's one of those things where it would work, but none of the 
devs have the hardware, tell me what to buy and I'll chuck it in a 
dedicated box on a dedicated network and give you an account on it.

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