[linux-dvb] CAM bonded to subscription card with DVB-C

Mattias Bergsten fnord at fnord.nu
Tue Feb 27 23:48:09 CET 2007

Bob wrote:
> My Cable co (StarHub Singapore) uses NagraVision Cards and CAMs which I 
> know get bonded together in the Set Top Box at first boot, I have a 
> spare card (never booted) as my package comes with 2 STBs is there a 
> DVB-C card + CAM combo that can support this setup including grabbing 
> the periodic key updates automatically?

If you get yourself a Nagra CAM, use it in an STB (that does NOT have 
built-in Nagra) with your second card, it should theoretically be bonded 
to that CAM. No warranties, though, since I haven't tried it.

The other alternative is finding the boxkey of your STB and using a 
softcam with a Phoenix interface to read your card. This I know works.


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