[linux-dvb] CAM bonded to subscription card with DVB-C

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Wed Feb 28 01:07:34 CET 2007

Mattias Bergsten wrote:
> Bob wrote:
>> My Cable co (StarHub Singapore) uses NagraVision Cards and CAMs which 
>> I know get bonded together in the Set Top Box at first boot, I have a 
>> spare card (never booted) as my package comes with 2 STBs is there a 
>> DVB-C card + CAM combo that can support this setup including grabbing 
>> the periodic key updates automatically?
> If you get yourself a Nagra CAM, use it in an STB (that does NOT have 
> built-in Nagra) with your second card, it should theoretically be bonded 
> to that CAM. No warranties, though, since I haven't tried it.

So to do this I'd have to find a cable STB that doesn't have an 
integrated CAM and use it to bond a Nagra CAM and my subscription 
SmartCard together, than I could use that CAM + SmartCard combo together 
with a supported DVB-C card + CI to watch cable on the computer, they 
don't make it easy do they.

With this would decryption key updates be automatic or would I have to 
put the CAM + SmartCard back in the STB periodically to receive updates? 
I'm nervous about buying all this and having it not work.

> The other alternative is finding the boxkey of your STB and using a 
> softcam with a Phoenix interface to read your card. This I know works.

Is there a HowTo on this, it's my least favored option as there seems to 
be some stigma attached to softcams, presumably because you could use it 
to do something dubious, but if they've made it impossible to do it any 
other way...

Another thing I found is that Telewest in the UK also use NagraVision 
and there are reports of people getting it working with the Dragon CAM 
and a FireDTV box under Windows, could I use a Dragon CAM with another 
card or have the FireDTV drivers moved on since January 06?


Thanks for your reply

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