[linux-dvb] Cant fetch guidedata with EIT

Ricky Schneberger ricky at schneberger.se
Wed Feb 28 22:18:39 CET 2007

On Wednesday 28 February 2007, Ricky Schneberger wrote:

I'm sorry!!

There was nothing wrong. I didn't doublechecked my setup. I havent marked the 
checkbox for EIT-data......


> Hello
> I have problems to fetch any EPG-info on my DVB-cards. With my analog cards
> I'm using tv_grab_se to fetch information and there everything works. Byt
> with my dvb-t-cards (Boxer in Sweden) I just got "unknown" in the EPG. I
> can watch tv on them - but can not record. I'm using EIT to fetch
> guidedata.
> Regards
> Ricky
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