[linux-dvb] dib0700 frontend not identified

Eric Dujardin eric.dujardin at laposte.net
Mon Jan 1 14:17:48 CET 2007

It turns out I was just lucky once. Identification does not work 
anymore, what's happening is
simply that dib7000m_read_word() always fails in i2c_transfer(). As it 
worked once, I'm
convinced there's just a minor miconfiguration, probably wrt I2C access.

I also tried connecting the stick to another USB controller (a NEC 
chipset, on a PCI card), instead
of my motherboard's controller, with the same result.


Eric Dujardin wrote:

> I'm going further a little bit.
> Trying to understand the I2C memory mapping I have added a I2C dump at 
> the beginning of
> dib7000m_identify(). Then after having read 10240 bytes, the card was 
> recognized ! Here's
> the kernel log:

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