[linux-dvb] Freecom DVB-T & Analog TV USB Stick

Matteo Beniamino m.beniamino at people.it
Tue Jan 2 17:22:59 CET 2007

Michel Ludwig wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that there is a ZL10353 inside, at least in my stick.  

I think you can be right, in fact googling for ZL10353 the first result
is "ZLAN-123 Upgrading MT352 Applications to ZL10353", so I think the
ZL10353 is an enanched MT352. I guessed for the MT352 since the windows
driver contains the following strings: InitMT352, InitMT353, PowerDownMT352, 
MT352WriteReg, MT352ReadReg.

> Could you check in your USBsnoop log whether you have the following command 
> somewhere ?
> c0 10 1e 7f 00 00 01 00 <<<  14 
Yes, this line appears three times in my log. The first time at line 74,
I think before loading the firmware. And then it is repeated two times
at lines 643 and 644.

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