[linux-dvb] Analogue inputs on DVB-T cards?

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Fri Jan 5 16:05:11 CET 2007

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> I have a DVICO Fusion DVB-T Plus card, which sports a composite/SVHS
> analogue input.  I've spent half a day now searching the web, but I'm
> none the wiser: how do I use this input?
> Specifically, I'm looking for details at the API level: how do I tell
> the card (or other such cards, if this one isn't supported) that I
> want the composite input and not the tuner input?

This card is programmed to use the tuner in DVB-T mode only.

When accessing the device via the v4l2 API ( by using /dev/videoX ) ,
the card is programmed to allow analog video inputs from either
svideo or composite.

Try to use an analog video application, such as tvtime, or xawtv.
You can use the controls within the application to determine which
input is used.


Michael Krufky

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