[linux-dvb] State of TwinhanDTV Sat-CI VP-1034 support

Michel Verbraak michel at verbraak.org
Sat Jan 6 09:56:34 CET 2007

Cedric Roijakkers schreef:
> Hi All,
> I'm looking into building a MythTV-based HTPC at the moment. I would
> like to view digital satellite channels, and I'm looking into the
> hardware now.
> I would like to view the TV Vlaanderen (CanaDigitaal sister company in
> Belgium) encrypted channels, so I'll require a card with a CI slot and
> a CAM. TV Vlaanderen sells its own CAMs, so I'll go for one of those.
> But the PCI card is the one I'm asking about.
> I was planning on going for a TwinhanDTV Sat-CI VP-1034, Mantis-based
> card. What is the current support status in the Linux kernel for this
> card? Does it work at all, and does it work with crypted channels?
Currently the driver for the TwinhanDTV Mantis cards is in alpha phase. 
Currently tuning and channel viewing works but not all channels are 
found on the satellite.
The CI slot is currently not supported so encrypted channels are not 
Work is currently going on to get CI support and to get the missing 
channels back.
> Or do you have any suggestions for other cards that will do the trick
> in Linux? And if possible a reseller of those via mail order in
> Belgium or the Netherlands?
I bought mine through www.factoryprices.nl (www.factoryprices.be) but 
they do not sell it anymore.
> Greets
> Cedric
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