[linux-dvb] HVR3000, cx88_alsa (audio not crackly)

Simon Bazley sibaz at sibaz.com
Mon Jan 8 04:11:20 CET 2007

I had a job getting sound to work properly (without and clicking, delays or other resampling errors) from sox or arecord & aplay.

eventually this worked:-

mplayer tv://25 -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0:norm=PAL-I:chanlist=europe-west:\
                    immediatemode=0:buffersize=32 -aspect 16:9

Where My SkyBox is tuned to channel 25, its /dev/video0 its PAL-I (europe-west) and the cx88_alsa device is card2 sub 0 (ie hw.2,0).  I want sound in
stereo (amode=1) at 48k.  I had problems with buffers overflowing, so I set the buffersize to twice what was needed and the sound is now perfect.

My SkyBox is setup for a 16:9 screen, even though PAL-I isn't so the -aspect 16:9 corrects the screen size.

I've be curious to know what command you were using to pass through the audio?  Is there a better way than mplayer?  I couldn't get sox or
arecord/aplay to work satisfactorly.


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