[linux-dvb] dib0700 frontend not identified (Atopia AT-TV-USB3)

Eric Dujardin eric.dujardin at laposte.net
Tue Jan 9 23:06:36 CET 2007

Some news again.

I've opened up the device to see that the chip is a DIB7700B. The exact 
reference is 7700B-BBXXa-G.
There is also a MT2060 chip.

In addition, I have sent a first request to get the programing manual 
for the Dibcom chip.


Eric Dujardin wrote:

> Hello again,
> I'm still hoping to use my Atopia USB key.
> First it seems that something does not work in the mailing list, as I 
> read Patrick Boetcher's answer
> to this message in the mailing list archive, but I did not receive it 
> in my mail box. In contrast I have received
> all the other messages.
> Patrick was asking what I added at the beginning of 
> dib7000m_identify(). It's just a memory dump, as
> follows:
> static int dib7000m_identify(struct dib7000m_state *state)
> {
>        u16 value;
>        int i;
>        for (i=0; i<1024; i+=16) {
>                printk("%d", i);
>                for (j=0; j<16; j+=2)
>                        printk(" %x", dib7000m_read_word(state, i+j));
>                printk("\n");
>        }
> As I said later on, it worked only once.
> I also tried upgrading my motherboard's bios with no improvement.
> I'd like to have access to Dibcom's specs to try to understand what's 
> going on. Could anyone just
> send that to me (maybe Patrick), or do I have to ask them personally ? 
> Who should I contact in
> this case ?
> Thanks to all,
> Eric

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