[linux-dvb] MSI TV @nywhere a/d support

Peter D. peter_s_d at fastmail.com.au
Wed Jan 10 10:19:16 CET 2007

On Wednesday 10 January 2007 18:21, Trevor Glen wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a MSI TV @nywhere A/D PCI DVB-T card that I'm trying to get
> working on ubuntu for MythTV.
> The PCI id (or whatever it's called) is 4e42:3306.

I've got one of them.  It works with Mandriva and Kaffeine after a bit of 
configuration, although I haven't bothered to sort out the remote control.  

> With an ubuntu standard kernel (version 2.6.17-10-generic) I have tried
> using card=94 on the modprobe, and it gets inserted into the kernel ok.

Using a self compiled, Mandriva patched, kernel 2.6.17-8mdvcustom.  
This is in /etc/modprobe.preload
  saa7134 card=94$

> I then do a modprobe saa7134_dvb and it says:
> DVB: registering frontend 1 (Philips TDA10046H DVB-T)...
> and then later:
> tda1004x: found firmware revision 29 -- ok

I get this is syslog
  Jan 10 19:00:04 live kernel: tda1004x: setting up plls for 48MHz sampling 
  Jan 10 19:00:06 live kernel: tda1004x: found firmware revision 29 -- ok

> But then when I try to tune to a channel in mythtv, I see this in the
> syslog:
> tda1004x: pll set failed

Not here.  

> In looking at the latest mercurial code, this card isn't detected
> automatically. What do I have to do to get that to happen? (or, please,
> correct me if I am wrong)

Don't know, but that model does work.  Hopefully an expert will jump in and 
offer a solution.  

sig goes here...
Peter D.

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