[linux-dvb] Re: TDA10086 (TT S-1401) DiSEqC problem

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Thu Jan 11 00:33:19 CET 2007

Hi, Michael

Michael Vistein schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm rather new to Linux DVB (well, to DVB-S at all), but I now have a TT
> 1401 card in my box and was trying
>> There also is a patch regarding the DiSEqC. I got another patch for
>> review. I will attach it. Please note that it is reverted.
>> Can you please test these and report the results. If you say they are ok,
>> i will integrate them.
> The current snapshot (9.12.2006) seems to include the values changed by
> this patch. It is more or less impossible to watch TV, because there are
> so many biterrors (with szap I see high values for ber and even for unc).
> When I revert the patch (I changed to values to the values that were not
> commented out in the old part of the diff), I get worse signal strength
> and snr, but the value of ber drops to almost zero (sometimes there are
> a few biterrors, but that can be due to the weak Astra 2D transponder in
> south east Germany), but unc keeps at zero. Watching tv is possible now
> without problems. On Astra-19.2 I don't even have biterrors.
> I hope this helps, thanks for the great dvb drivers!
> Michael

Thanks for the report and sorry for the long delay.
The original patch was reverted, this is what confused you. When i take
this into account, your report is close to what i expected. Meanwhile
i tried to cross check with the windows driver and i came to slightly
different values. I will attach a patch that should apply smoothly
to the current repository. Can you please give this one a try and
report? It patches both, tda10086 and tda8263
I expect that the signal strength still is lower, but also the BER
which is more important.

Best regards
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