[linux-dvb] Unrecognised USB Stick AverTV Hybrid+FM Volar USB

Ben Hodgetts (Enverex) ben at atomnet.co.uk
Fri Jan 12 11:41:00 CET 2007

I bought this device the other week and it doesn't seem to be supported
currently. It shows up under dmesg as "07ca:a828 AVerMedia Technologies,
Inc.". I was speaking to someone on IRC about it and they said after
some digging that this device seems to contain the Cypress FX2, WM8739,
Conexant CX2584x, Xceive XC3028 and Zarlink MT352 chips.
The device is this :
Ignore the "Linux Compatible" on their site though. Their driver is
pre-compiled for a few old distros so it doesn't work on anything else
which makes their "support" useless.

Can anyone help? I'm desperate to get this working but can't find
anywhere to start.

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