[linux-dvb] DISEqC problem: after switching to port 1, no switch works anymore

Remy Bohmer mythtv.bohmer at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 12:53:03 CET 2007


I have discovered a strange problem:
I have a DVB-S system, with a VP1030 clone receiver card (Technisat Skystar
1 CI v3)
Card works fine without problems, except when I use the DISEqC switch.

If I switch between port 0 and 2 (FTA channels, while using szap) no problem
occurs. I can switch as many times as I want, channels are played back just
fine (while using dvbstream and xine). BUT when I switch to port 1 once,
then only the channels on port 1 work. I cannot switch back to port 0 or 2,
the switch keeps sticked to port 1.
All channels on port 1 keep working.

I ran into this problem the first time when I failed to get DISEqC to work
on MythTV, and to exclude kernel-drivers or mythtv, I started testing with
szap + dvbstream + xine. As this method shows the same problem, I expect
that it more driver related.
I use kernels 2.6.18 and 2.6.20-rc1, both kernels show the same problem.

If required I can generate detailed logfiles...

Anyone any idea?

Kind Regards,

Remy Bohmer
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