[linux-dvb] Is that a "full" dvb-s2 card ?

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Sun Jan 14 11:50:58 CET 2007

Gregoire Favre <Gregoire.Favre at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is that really a twin DVB-s2 card with onboard decompression ?

That's what the press release says: 

"with a DVB-S2 tuner card reference design that includes complete decoding
in hardware"

The SDK comes with driver binaries but I suspect that's for everybody's
default OS only. 

Mind you, it's not a product, it's a reference design. Until somebody comes
up with a product that makes it to the shelves can take a while. 

Double-Blind Experiment, n.:
	An experiment in which the chief researcher believes he is
fooling both the subject and the lab assistant.  Often accompanied by a
belief in the tooth fairy.

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