[linux-dvb] freecom dvb-t USB: use of radio and stream

lynx.abraxas at freenet.de lynx.abraxas at freenet.de
Sun Jan 14 19:19:25 CET 2007


I'm  concidering buying a freecom DVB-T USB stick. I just coudn't find info if
the radio is working as well under linux. Is it?
Then it says in the comment above the  device  list:  "These  boxes  can  only
deliver  part  of  the  Transport Stream"..."UPDATE: the vendor was so kind to
provide information about unknown commands, hence the driver is complete"
Does that mean, it still doesn't deliver the full stream?  Is  the  effect  of
this that the quality is worse? Or any other effect?

Is there a list of recommended devices to buy?


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