[linux-dvb] Re: TDA10086 (TT S-1401) DiSEqC problem

BRUNETON Béranger bruneton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 00:33:05 CET 2007


With your patch the BER is equal to zero now on my 1401.


On 1/11/07, Michael Vistein <michael at vistein.de> wrote:
> Hi Hartmut,
> Hartmut Hackmann schrieb:
> > to the current repository. Can you please give this one a try and
> > report? It patches both, tda10086 and tda8263
> > I expect that the signal strength still is lower, but also the BER
> > which is more important.
> I would really like to test this patch, but I do not own the TT-1401
> card any longer.
> The reception was no real problem (besides the wrong display), I had
> excellent signal quality even from Astra 2D.
> But I did not succeed in getting my DiSEqC configuration to work. I
> applied the patch from Andreas, which helped me to be able to scan
> Position B at least. But during regular use, it failed switching the
> DiSEqC switch sometimes, I could not manage to find out which
> circumstances this were. I think in around 30% of tries the wrong LNB
> got selected, afterwards the card locked into the transonder with same
> frequency, but of course that is of no real use. As my dealer offered me
> to exchange the card with an TechniSat SkyStar2 (card was not yet 2
> weeks old), I simply accepted this offer and I don't regret, as I can
> now always watch the right channel ...
> Maybe this can be of help: On Astra-19.2E (Pos B) I was never able to
> watch RAI I, Sky News, BBC World, Sky News, DW-TV with MythTV. After
> trying to watch such a channel, I never could tune to Das Erste, but
> tuning to BBC 1 London almost always succeeded. After watching a BBC
> channel, sometimes I could switch back Das Erste (or another channel on
> Pos B)
> Thanks for your investigations and support,
> Michael Vistein
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