[linux-dvb] Technotrend DVB-C TT-premium C-2300

Tero Mäntyvaara termant at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 08:34:58 CET 2007


I wasn't quite sure where should I posts my questions, so let's start
from here.

I have a few questions about my Technotrend DVB-C TT-premium C-2300 PCI
1. What linux driver(s) (modules) my card uses? Are there other card(s)
using the same?
2. What part of the hardware/software extracts the EPG information from
DVB-C stream (or should I just call it DVB-stream)?
3. In Finland we use two languages (finnish and swedish) and some
channels (YLE TVI/TV2/Teema/24 and Nelonen) send EPG information in
both    languages. How this could be or have been done in finland?
4. Refering to previous question, I have kernel 2.6.18-chw-13 (Knoppmyth
R5E50) and I get those EPG information only in swedish, but I want those
in finnish. What should/could I do to    correct it?

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