[linux-dvb] genlock

Samuel Goto samuelgoto at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 14:09:52 CET 2007

Hi everyone,Any

        I am developing a dvb s1 transmitter. Its input is a MPEG TS from a
mpeg encoder and its output is a DVB S1 stream to the RF satellite.

        I am having problems synchronizing the input bit rate to the output
baud rate and I was wondering if anyone could help me out on this list ( or
suggest me a better one =) ). The transmitter works for 7 to 8 minutes, but
then its output buffer overflows ( showing that there is a small difference
from the input rate to the necessary output rate ).

        Thanks for your attention,

        Cya, Sam

f u cn rd ths u cn b a gd prgmr !
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