[linux-dvb] Need help to configure my dvb remote control...

Alberto Segura ass06 at ya.com
Thu Jan 18 17:00:42 CET 2007

Hello everybody,

   I am using the dvb driver from linuxtv and I can watch digital tv 
perfectly, but I need help to configure the remote control...

   The card is a BestBuy Easy TV hybrid pro but the driver recognizes it 
as an " em28xx #0: Found Pinnacle Hybrid Pro. em28xx audio device 
(eb1a:2881): interface 1, class 1. input: em2880/em2870 remote control 
as /class/input/input3"

   I have prove xev, but it does not take events pressing remote control 
buttons. I also had tried lirc but when I am installing it requires me a 
driver to choose and I don't know which one, and maybe my remote is not 

Congratulations for the driver and thanks in advance!

Alberto Segura.

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