[linux-dvb] TwinhanDTV Starbox

Timo Horstschäfer mail at timo-horstschaefer.de
Fri Jan 19 16:05:45 CET 2007

I bought a StarBox from TwinhanDTV because it was one of the only devices 
listed on the dvb-wiki with USB2.0 for DVB-S.
Reading through the mail archives to find out how to get it working I read 
that the current driver is only for StarBox 2.
Also on the mailing list I found this message [1] from the driver author in 
which he states that he got it runnning although with some restrictions.

I would be pleased if this code was made available even if it has some 
restrictions. As I don't have to use VDR it would help me to get the StarBox 
working at all.

Also I found it quite confusing, that in the wiki and in the driver's source 
code all names seem to refer to the normal StarBox not mentioning that it's 
for StarBox 2.

  Timo Horstschäfer

[1] http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2006-June/011153.html

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