[linux-dvb] Missing dependencies in *.ko files

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Jan 19 16:13:47 CET 2007

Trent Piepho wrote:
> On Sun, 7 Jan 2007, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> If I use the latest driver from http://linuxtv.org/hg/~endriss/v4l-dvb-av7110-refactoring
>> there are apparently dependencies missing in some *.ko files, so my script
>> can't find out which additional modules to load.
>> For example, /sbin/modinfo -F depends dvb-ttpci.ko returns
>>   dvb-core,saa7146,i2c-core,saa7146_vv,dvb-core,ttpci-eeprom,firmware_class
>> while in the driver version as of 2006-11-04 it returns
>>   dvb-core,saa7146,stv0299,i2c-core,saa7146_vv,dvb-core,ttpci-eeprom,ves1x93,stv0297,sp8870,tda8083,ves1820,firmware_class,l64781,lnbp21
>> Is there something wrong, or am I missing something here?
> There is a new system called dvb_attach() that makes those front-end module
> dependencies dynamic.  They don't show up in the list of module
> dependencies from modinfo and don't need to be loaded before the module is
> loaded.  Instead, dvb-ttpci will dynamically load the front-end modules
> that it needs, and only the modules that it needs for your particular card.
> If you are trying to auto-load the modules without installing them you can
> disable dvb_attach and get static dependencies back.

Thanks, that helped.

Just for completeness: the line in the config file is


Setting this to 'n' gives me back the full dependencies.


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