[linux-dvb] DVB-C card anyone?

Henrik Gammelmark lists at geemark.com
Sun Jan 21 16:55:11 CET 2007

Hello all

A friend and myself are thinking of switching to DVB-C with MythTV
instead of the standard analogue tuners we have now.
We have a few questions however:
- Which (PCI-based) tunercard should we choose, and why?
- Does all CAMs work with all tuner cards? (we realise that the type of
reader depends on the content provider)
- Does MythTV require anything from the card except valid drivers?

We have found a few candidates, but not sure what to look out for,
and which to choose (if any of these at all):
- Technotrend Budget C-1500
- Technotrend Premium DVB-C 2300 Hybrid
- TV-Station DVB-C

We are based in Denmark, but thinking of ordering from the german
dvbshop.net, if geographic differences matters.

All suggestions and inputs are welcome. Thanks!

/ Henrik

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