[linux-dvb] Missing DVB kernel options?

Dâniel Fraga fraga at abusar.org
Sun Jan 21 15:23:42 CET 2007

	I have many machines with Linux 2.6.19 installed. On all of
them I can select:

       -> Device Drivers
         -> Multimedia devices
           -> Digital Video Broadcasting Devices
             -> DVB For Linux (DVB [=y])
               -> DVB Core Support (DVB_CORE [=m])
                 -> Technisat/B2C2 FlexCopII(b) and FlexCopIII adapters

	But there's one machine where this option isn't available.
There's a screenshot here:


	Left: machine with the option hidden
	Right: machine with the option available

	Why the difference? Thank you!

Linux 2.6.19: Avast! A bilge rat!
Sao Paulo - SP

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